Where does the Adwords System lack?

Some development ideas for Google Adwords System (I know you guys are trying to improve).
Campaign & Adgroups should have memo fields or blogs for data entry (I want to write some notes for myself and for my colleagues there, these will be also useful for you to understand, how we are using the system I am OK with Google reading those notes, but maybe some people won’t like it)
There should be an automatic log (with datestamp) of what I have changed in Edit Campaign Settings (Guys, check the Plaxo system for address changes)
You should be able to deactivate keywords (instead of deleting)
You should be able to export everything to excel (not using the reports but directly form the campaign management tab)
Today I heard the tracking system or the Web analytics will be updated with the help of the Urchin system. I assume this is good news.
You should be able to pay with your Adsense earnings. Shouldn’t be the both systems integrated ( I am sure you are working on it) Anyway till the integration is complete you should at least use Paypal or similar payment systems.

I have many more, but I guess I have to add them later, So long.






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