Viral Movies – How to do it

Did you see Schweppes Short Film Festival?

You want viral videos? This is it. You want good short films, there you go. Congratulations to Schweppes (btw my favorite movie was; Signs).

However, I still believe that the best way to make good viral movies is through a competition. Let’s give everybody a chance to make the viral video. It is amazing to see how much young (& also experienced) talent is out there, who want to make a breakthrough through a competition.

I think the best idea for marketing managers in 2009 is organizing a good video competition. Critical success factors and major portions of the project will be;

– a good concept and framework for the video’s scope (not too much focus on the brand, see: Schweppes)

– a proven/famous jury list

– a good web site

– good online PR (and offline PR)

– SEM campaign and social media advertising

– interesting awards & a nice award organization

And the budget for the competition should be at least $100,000, to have a big impact and positive ROI.






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