Vertical Search Engines Beta has arrived; a new vertical search engine focusing on Turkey

OK, I cannot spend very much time on the blog. But, I had an excuse. Next to our web marketing projects at Vodaco Web Strategies, I was busy with the new search engine project; Now it is time to make an announcement. Although it was under-cover till now, some of you have already heard about, i know 😉
What is is a search engine focusing on fast and accurate delivery of Turkish online media content. You can name it a “vertical search engine”, a “news collector” or “Turkey’s internet news database”. In short we already have a long history of events from Turkey in our databases and every two hours our databases are filled with great and new news.
Advantages of taaze search engine?
– Focus on Turkey only
You don’t need to manually adjust your search engine settings to filter your searches (which most of you never do anyway). You also don’t need to go through many results in order to get to the relevant results.
– Provides news fast
If something major happens in Turkey you can get in ten minutes the results appearing on Not like your grandfathers search engine, eh?
– a Turkish Company
If you are concerned about using local products and services, is the search engine for you.
Who should use it?
– PR professionals
– Marketing executives / professionals
– Business executives
– Researchers
– Strategists
– Web surfers
– even your grandpa
Short Take: is Turkish aiming for the Turkey related research. In many areas it performs as good as “your grandfathers search engine”. In some ways, Taaze is even better.







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