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  • The Mechanical Zoo

    The Mechanical Zoo. A company to watch. Ex-Googlers are trying to come up with a social search engine. It has been more than one year now, but nothing has come out yet (other than a closed beta). I hope they are still in good shape. Because, there sure is a future for social search. And […]

  • Search is changing

    Internet is chancing from text & pic. format to embrace video more and more. That’s why youtube is increasing its’ share in searches. Also keep in mind that searches in social media is skyrocketing right now. In 2009 socialmedia site searches will be an important portion of the core searches. I wished to have stats […]

  • Social Search & who else; Google

    Today, I watched the video on Google’s experiments on social search. They call it Google Reviews though. From the name I can see that they didn’t have the full vision in the beginning of the project. However, this is a very strong and correct first footstep into Social Search. Social Search is for sure the […]

  • Quick Notes on Searchology press conference

    Google highlighted the latest news on search innovations. Featured speakers were; Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products & User Experience; (on future of Search) Udi Manber, VP of Engineering (joined Google 15 months ago) Craig Silverstein, Technology Director (he was the first hired employee “number 1 Google Employee”). Quick Notes: 20-25% of the queries we […]

  • Vertical Search Engines

    Taaze.com Beta has arrived; a new vertical search engine focusing on Turkey OK, I cannot spend very much time on the blog. But, I had an excuse. Next to our web marketing projects at Vodaco Web Strategies, I was busy with the new search engine project; taaze.com. Now it is time to make an announcement. […]