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  • Planning & Designing Facebook Promotions

    Facebook made a change to its Promotions Guidelines this week. The big news is; there is no longer a requirement to obtain approval from Facebook to run a promotion entirely within Facebook. The two major changes are; 1)┬áNo need for prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook. This makes life for brands […]

  • How to Aim Plan & Execute your Groupon Campaign!

    The Groupon Trilogy – Groupon for Dummies The Groupon trilogy is a set of tree articles focusing on using group buying campaigns successfully as a marketer. The set will introduce Radical Marketers to effectively use this new campaign tool in their companies / on their brands. However, this trilogy is just the entry for using […]

  • 12 Secrets to turn your Groupon Campaign a Success

    How to set-up / execute a Groupon offering? The so called group buying phenomenon which was fueled by Groupon.com created a new way of promotion. However, it is unfortunate to see some companies failing terribly on group buying promotions. As the recent study from Rice University (Utpal Dholakia)┬áreports 32% of all campaigns on Groupon are […]

  • Four Things to plan before designing Groupon promotion

    How to plan a Groupon promotion? Yesterday, I wrote about the top reasons to offer a group buying campaign / promotion. If your goal is one of the top 5 mentioned, you can possibly get positive returns from your offer. However, you need to do some planning before the campaign. Below you can find the […]

  • Top Five Reasons to Offer a Groupon Promotion

    Why to use a group buying campaign / promotion? If you do not have a valid reason and strategy behind your actions, this tool, like all other tools for web marketing, will backfire on your business. You should first have a valid reason for utilizing a group buying campaign. Below, you can find the top […]