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  • Planning & Designing Facebook Promotions

    Facebook made a change to its Promotions Guidelines this week. The big news is; there is no longer a requirement to obtain approval from Facebook to run a promotion entirely within Facebook. The two major changes are; 1)┬áNo need for prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook. This makes life for brands […]

  • How to Aim Plan & Execute your Groupon Campaign!

    The Groupon Trilogy – Groupon for Dummies The Groupon trilogy is a set of tree articles focusing on using group buying campaigns successfully as a marketer. The set will introduce Radical Marketers to effectively use this new campaign tool in their companies / on their brands. However, this trilogy is just the entry for using […]

  • 12 Secrets to turn your Groupon Campaign a Success

    How to set-up / execute a Groupon offering? The so called group buying phenomenon which was fueled by Groupon.com created a new way of promotion. However, it is unfortunate to see some companies failing terribly on group buying promotions. As the recent study from Rice University (Utpal Dholakia)┬áreports 32% of all campaigns on Groupon are […]

  • Four Things to plan before designing Groupon promotion

    How to plan a Groupon promotion? Yesterday, I wrote about the top reasons to offer a group buying campaign / promotion. If your goal is one of the top 5 mentioned, you can possibly get positive returns from your offer. However, you need to do some planning before the campaign. Below you can find the […]

  • Top Five Reasons to Offer a Groupon Promotion

    Why to use a group buying campaign / promotion? If you do not have a valid reason and strategy behind your actions, this tool, like all other tools for web marketing, will backfire on your business. You should first have a valid reason for utilizing a group buying campaign. Below, you can find the top […]

  • The measurement game

    Last month I wrote about some problems in “Measuring Marketing Performance“. This time another problem surfaced the web on TechMeme. Again and again we hear about wrong “success stories” with misunderstood performance indicators within the sector or on media. The Foursquare success story for McDonald’s even made the headlines for NewYork Times. In most cases […]

  • Being in a global industry brings some limitations to your promotion activities

    When designing marketing campaigns, some companies might think they are too small to care about the global consequences of their campaigns. Campaigns mostly focus first on the home turf because this is the first priority in marketing (especially for US firms). Some companies might have the fate of residing in a large economic zone, but […]