Banner Advertisement on internet is annoying

Another myth / hypothesis of the RadicalMarketer is backed with data. Thanks for Mc Kinsey for the UK survey.

Banner Advertisement

The reason why the “Radical Marketer” advises his brands to spend more on Paid Search, instead of the internet banners are proven with data now.

However, where the McKinsey study lacks is; this chart doesn’t get into detail of which banners are annoying. We advise companies to use banners only to selected, targeted consumers with a respect for their interest (this translates to good media planning and targeted banner creation for each specific media).

Evolution of Advertising

Umair Haque had a great article on the Evolution of Advertising, which inspired me. Following his article, I think there are two drivers in the evolution of advertising; first being serving the relevant ad to consumers (which Umair clearly mentioned in his article), and second being the shift from push to pull advertising (with the raise of the social media). The second driver is much harder for brands, first to understand, second to manage.

Online advertising trends

“Microsoft’s Online Services division, which includes the online portal MSN and its Internet advertising sales, lost $575 million in the first quarter of 2009, and sales in the division were down 14% from the same quarter a year earlier.”

via Microsoft’s profit sinks 32% – Apr. 23, 2009 .

Did you see the latest numbers from Microsoft Online Advertising Revenues? I still don’t get it. How is it possible that a company like Microsoft cannot come up with a software which is a real rival to Adwords? (knowing that Adwords system is much simpler than most of Microsoft’s software and Adwords has still a lot of areas for improvement)

I am not sure whether Microsoft has the right team to tackle this issue. I believe a healthy competition in this area would be very beneficial for both publishers and advertisers.

On a second thought; the only party which will not benefit from this competition is USA. But we are living in Obama times now, hopefully, we might even see a Microsoft with a good advertising foundation.

Online creative ads

“Every ad on the internet should give users the option to expand the ad, request more information, watch a video demo of the product, or even to purchase the product right from the ad.”

via Why online creative stinks so badly –

Eric Picard has the right vision on interactive ads. Even a pure branding campaign should have these options. We are trying to explain this to our customers as well. However, I believe the industry and the brand managers are slow in understanding these dynamics.

“The entire marketing infrastructure and the economy is going to be diminished.” by David Poltrack of CBS is a correct statement, and the marketing economy is moving ahead wheater the marketers like it or not.