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  • The 4th Era of Internet is starting

    We are again in the midst of a new evolution. There is another change of era on the internet. Like the Chinese curse says: “May you live in interesting times!” The new era will bring new challenge to each one of us, not to mention the major effects on marketers. We can divide the internet […]

  • Margin Google is charging for Adsense use is 23.8%

    Based on Google’s Q4 financials, Google is getting a commission of 23.8% from our Adsense advertisements. I have seen other numbers mentioned, therefore, I am including my understanding and calculations below. Google 2008 Q4 Total Rev $ 5.700.904 Adver. Rev $ 5.504.571 TAC % 27% TAC $ 1.486.234 Adsense Partner Payments $ 1.290.000 Rev from […]

  • Google stops growth, while Yahoo continues

    According to AlleyInsider Google’s paid clicks YTY growth on January and February 2008 are 0%, whereas Yahoo has a 5% YTY growth on February. Details can be reached at; http://www.alleyinsider.com/2008/3/google_february_paid_clicks_lousy_again_

  • Quick Notes on Searchology press conference

    Google highlighted the latest news on search innovations. Featured speakers were; Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products & User Experience; (on future of Search) Udi Manber, VP of Engineering (joined Google 15 months ago) Craig Silverstein, Technology Director (he was the first hired employee “number 1 Google Employee”). Quick Notes: 20-25% of the queries we […]

  • Where does the Adwords System lack?

    Some development ideas for Google Adwords System (I know you guys are trying to improve). Campaign & Adgroups should have memo fields or blogs for data entry (I want to write some notes for myself and for my colleagues there, these will be also useful for you to understand, how we are using the system […]

  • Where Does the Google Adsense System lack?

    Payments should be made by Paypal (or similar services) A really key issue for international revenue growth. On top of that not fixing this issue will soon hurt Google in international markets really badly (not only missed revenue but missed business opportunity). I am sure Google is aware of the first mover advantages on online […]