Being in a global industry brings some limitations to your promotion activities

When designing marketing campaigns, some companies might think they are too small to care about the global consequences of their campaigns. Campaigns mostly focus first on the home turf because this is the first priority in marketing (especially for US firms).
Some companies might have the fate of residing in a large economic zone, but even for these companies world is a larger economy than their home country.
Something to be careful when designing a promotion on your website:
– Don’t think that all the people who are visiting your website are from your own country (if you don’t believe me, check your website statistics) If for example the campaign is only for US residents, mark it clearly in the advertisement of the campaign and also if people are filling long forms to enter to the campaign, don’t get their whole data and then tell them they are not eligible, this will piss them off
If you want to see, how you can mess it up, check Mobileplay campaign, that’s a good way of not doing it