Best Digital Marketing Events for 2012

Which digital marketing events do you find useful?

Below, you can find Radical Marketer’s 2012 Top 10 Digital marketing event / seminars:

  1. Interactcongress (IAB Europe)
  2. Ad-Tech
  3. dmexco (IAB EU)
  4. DMA Mobile Marketing Day
  5. Clikz Events
  6. SES
  7. iMedia Connection Events
  8. SNWF Social Networking/Media World Forum
  9. IAB MIXX Conference & Expo
  10. The Future of Digital Marketing (e-consultancy)

other important Digital marketing events / seminars:

  • ICMA (International Classified Media Association)
  • a4uexpo (IAB EU)
  • Mobile Social Networking Asia
  • Research Showcase on Social Media (IAB EU)
  • Ecommerce Expo
  • Driving Interactive (iMedia)
  • Emerging Marketing Solutions
  • M-Commerce Summit
  • Online Video Advertising
  • Blog World
  • Social Media & Video Strategies (Clickz)
Disclaimer: I wasn’t able to attend all these events, however was able to follow these at least from the web.

Top 10 Marketing Events

Below, you can find my list for top ten marketing events that you should not miss in 2009. Of course, I don’t advise you to attend all of them. However, if you are in marketing business in North America and/or Europe, this is a list you should keep in mind, so that you can schedule your trips accordingly. A top marketing executive should attend at least two of these events within 2009.

Top 10 Marketing Events
Top 10 Marketing Events
Start Date End Date Event City 10-Aug-2009 14-Aug-2009 SES San Jose 11-Aug-2009 11-Aug-2009 Social Media & Video Strategies (Clickz) San Jose 21-Sep-2009 22-Sep-2009 MIXX NewYork 22-Sep-2009 23-Sep-2009 Ad-Tech London 23-Sep-2009 24-Sep-2009 dmexco (IAB EU) Köln 20-Oct-2009 22-Oct-2009 Web 2.0 Summit San Francisco 16-Nov-2009 19-Nov-2009 Web 2.0 Expo NewYork 16-Nov-2009 18-Nov-2009 Brand Summit Brighton, U.K 17-Nov-2009 18-Nov-2009 Ad-Tech Beijing 24-Nov-2009 25-Nov-2009 SES Berlin 6-Dec-2009 9-Dec-2009 Agency Summit Scottsdale, AZ 9-Dec-2009 10-Dec-2009 LeWeb Paris Paris

Oh, did you say, there are 12 top events on the list?

Yes, I gave you two bonuses (in case you can not make it to the original ten top events). Also do not forget, these events are a good opportunity to meet likeminded “Radical Marketer”s.

MIXX Conference & Advertising Week in New York

I will be attending two conferences in New York this week (Sept 22-26, 2008);

Ø MIXX 2.8 Conference & Expo

Ø AdvertisingWeek V

I would like to meet anybody who is interested in web marketing in Turkey.

MIXX 2.8 Conference is in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Times Square, New York on 22 &23rd of September. MIXX is the preeminent event for interactive marketing and agency professionals and the publishers and technology firms.

Advertising Week is in various venues in New York (22 through 27th of September) . Being one of the most prestigious events in advertising, Advertising Week is focusing a lot in digital this year.

Hope to meet interesting people and companies in both events. Let’s see…

Top Six Web Marketing Events – Worldwide

For all the people who asked me on major Web Marketing events. Here are my top 6 list;

Rank Organizer Event
1 Ad-Tech Ad-Tech
2 CMP Technology and O’Reilly Media, Inc. Web 2.0 Expo
4 IAB Interactcongress
5 ImediaConnection Events Many focused summits. See details on their site
6 Clikz Events Emerging Marketing Solutions, Online Video Advertising

and the upcoming events for 2008 are as following (imediaconnection events are not included);

Start Date End Date Event City
27.05.2008 28.05.2008 SES Milan
02.06.2008 03.06.2008 Interactcongress Berlin
03.06.2008 04.06.2008 Ad-Tech Hamburg
03.06.2008 04.06.2008 Ad-Tech Miami
04.06.2008 04.06.2008 Emerging Marketing Solutions Chicago
18.06.2008 18.06.2008 The Future of Digital Marketing London
23.06.2008 24.06.2008 SES Hamburg
26.06.2008 27.06.2008 Ad-Tech Singapore
22.07.2008 22.07.2008 Online Video Advertising NewYork
18.08.2008 21.08.2008 SES San Jose
16.09.2008 19.09.2008 Web 2.0 Expo NewYork
14.10.2008 14.10.2008 Emerging Marketing Solutions NewYork
21.10.2008 23.10.2008 Web 2.0 Expo Berlin
28.10.2008 29.10.2008 SES Tokyo
03.12.2008 04.12.2008 Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo
08.12.2008 11.12.2008 SES Chicago

AdTech Paris was a success

AdTech Paris was a success for Vodaco Web Strategies. I was able to meet with many exciting companies. What I am seeing is that many small companies are developing exciting new technologies and the market is very dynamic. These new tools and services in development are the answer to the question; “Who will be the winner in the advertising race? Agencies or Digital agancies?”. At the end the best will win. Hopefully, I will be able to share much more from Adtech in the comming weeks.

From CeBIT 2006, Axinom – a name to remember

I was fortunate to meet Axinom and their CMS (Contact Management System) system at 2006 CeBIT Hannover.
They have the right product and the right business model. They are the first solid firm to offer free license CMS with .NET infrastructure as far as I know.
If they can do a good web marketing campaign for their product, success seems to be a sure thing. I was introduced to their system by Johannes Jauch, one of the Managing Directors of Axinom. (By the way isn’t this interesting? Is this common in Germany, a company with multiple Managing Directors (or “Geschäftsführer” as German say)? I have no idea, but I think it is a great approach, at least for a software company to have double or even more Managing Directors.)
My first impression was very positive. Of course we need to develop at least one project with the product AxCMS to understand its real capacity. However, from my conversation with Herr Jauch, I feel sure this is the right product and the right company.
Viel Erfolg Johannes und Viel Erfolg Axinom