Top 16 Technology Content Creators & Influencers

TIME recently picked the 140 Twitter feeds that are shaping the conversation. 16 of these twitter feeds are in technology. Below you can find top 16 twitter accounts that shape the conversation around technology, based on their influence ranked by TIME survey (as of March, 31 2011);

  1. Xeni Jardin
  2. Chris Hardwick
  3. Beth Blecherman
  4. Gina Trapani
  5. Danny Sullivan
  6. Pete Cashmore
  7. Rafat Ali
  8. Slashdot
  9. Om Malik
  10. Jeremiah Owyang
  11. Robert Scoble
  12. Kevin Rose
  13. Nieman Lab
  14. Kara Swisher
  15. Fred Wilson
  16. Steven Johnson

See the survey results at;

Blogs & Publishing Platforms on Web

Before Facebook there was WordPress as the main publishing platform on the web.  And, WordPress will always have its place on the web publishing.

Even though the infographic doesn’t consider Facebook as a Blog platform (and I cannot read their unique visitor numbers), this infograhic is important to understand the power of wordpress on web, and it’s place on web publishing.

See The Power of WordPress Infographic is prepared by Tech King:
Infographic: The Power of WordPress

Margin Google is charging for Adsense use is 23.8%

Based on Google’s Q4 financials, Google is getting a commission of 23.8% from our Adsense advertisements. I have seen other numbers mentioned, therefore, I am including my understanding and calculations below.

Google 2008 Q4
Total Rev $ 5.700.904
Adver. Rev $ 5.504.571
TAC % 27%
TAC $ 1.486.234
Adsense Partner Payments $ 1.290.000
Rev from Network (Adsense) $ 1.693.405
Margin $ 403.405
Margin % 23,8%