The measurement game

Last month I wrote about some problems in “Measuring Marketing Performance“. This time another problem surfaced the web on TechMeme.

Again and again we hear about wrong “success stories” with misunderstood performance indicators within the sector or on media.
The Foursquare success story for McDonald’s even made the headlines for NewYork Times. In most cases when you hear a story, simply the numbers don’t add up. In this case foursquare check-ins were mistakenly used as foot traffic increase to all McDonalds stores.
Even though these might seem like a good way to impress the boss or client, there will always be “Radical Marketers” to debunk.

Predictions & New Trends in Live Analytics & Woopra

Thanks to Eray Endes, I was able to see Woopra live and made my first chat on Woopra this week. For long, I haven’t been this excited for a new technology. My three predictions on Woopra and this issue are;

  • Live analytics will be a new game in town (and woopra will most probably be the king of the game)
  • Woopra will be acquired within one year, most probably from Google or Microsoft
  • Live communication with the visitor “woopra style” (incoming but outgoing in Call Center terms) is just another story coming (not soon, probably Woopra will not even be the major player in that game)

You can also read the Woopra article on TechChrunch from here.