Quick Notes on Searchology press conference

Google highlighted the latest news on search innovations. Featured speakers were; Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products & User Experience; (on future of Search) Udi Manber, VP of Engineering (joined Google 15 months ago) Craig Silverstein, Technology Director (he was the first hired employee “number 1 Google Employee”).

Quick Notes:
20-25% of the queries we will see today we have never seen before “Search embodies the story of a nation’s development through many centuries, not only math.”

Special Tasks at Google: (if you are starting up a search engine keep those in mind)
Quality Evaluation Team – Extensive & Deep – every day we look at stats and more
Ranking Engineer –
Localization / Language differences Manager (Tristin)
Translation (Maureen) Search is not a solved problem, we are very far. (Yes, I konw very well – MS) Soon Google Opens the web universally – Very soon translation for 12 language – translation and results come in your language (transleted)

NEW Features: Contextual navigation links Univarsal navigation bar (availible within hours)
– Google Begins Move to Universal Search
www.google.com/experimental Currently Timeline and map views (for all the new experiments on search, next week signing starts)
– Universal Search – ranking is challenging – normalization of video results, pic resuls, book results, etc.(for taaze.com, this is not an issue yet)
– Sergey Brin married to Anne Wojcicki last weekend in Bahamas.







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