Online creative ads

“Every ad on the internet should give users the option to expand the ad, request more information, watch a video demo of the product, or even to purchase the product right from the ad.”

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Eric Picard has the right vision on interactive ads. Even a pure branding campaign should have these options. We are trying to explain this to our customers as well. However, I believe the industry and the brand managers are slow in understanding these dynamics.

“The entire marketing infrastructure and the economy is going to be diminished.” by David Poltrack of CBS is a correct statement, and the marketing economy is moving ahead wheater the marketers like it or not.

Social Marketing Agency

(or Social Media Agency)

Mr Youth “a social marketing agency focusing on word-of-mouth, social interactive and experiential marketing” announced today that it has closed a private equity deal with two Boston-based investors.

Social Marketing is a great are with huge profit opportunities. It is very difficult for “integrated agencies” to focus on social marketing, and the teams with experience in this area will be the stars of advertising in the future.

Social Media Agencies are the same to Twitter and Facebook (and all other Social Media), what Search Agencies were to Google (Which is the marketing solution).

Twitter first to publish airplane crash pictures

The power of social media in news speed is proven one more time. This was also admitted by CNN, see the story below.

The social networking site Twitter again stole a march on traditional media when it was the first outlet to publish dramatic pictures of the Turkish Airlines crash.

Moments after the plane crashed at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport on Wednesday morning the news was appearing on Twitter, CNN’s Errol Barnett said.

via Twitter first to publish dramatic crash pictures –

Margin Google is charging for Adsense use is 23.8%

Based on Google’s Q4 financials, Google is getting a commission of 23.8% from our Adsense advertisements. I have seen other numbers mentioned, therefore, I am including my understanding and calculations below.

Google 2008 Q4
Total Rev $ 5.700.904
Adver. Rev $ 5.504.571
TAC % 27%
TAC $ 1.486.234
Adsense Partner Payments $ 1.290.000
Rev from Network (Adsense) $ 1.693.405
Margin $ 403.405
Margin % 23,8%

YouTube I missed You

It is so great to rediscover you, Youtube. Seeing new videos from Buffet and Gates and many more. Did you guys see the new (at least for me new) insights feature. It was great seeing the trends of my videos while I was away.
YouTube, it is nice to see that you have grown, while we were apart. Now you have High Definition videos, and I can even watch you on TV (btw, I was already watching you on my LCD TV, what is the difference).
YouTube, Welcome back to Turkey. I hope you will never leave us alone in the dark again.
As I wrote these sentences, YouTube again left Turkey. It is again not reachable. But, I am guessing it will be with us soon.

The Mechanical Zoo

The Mechanical Zoo. A company to watch. Ex-Googlers are trying to come up with a social search engine. It has been more than one year now, but nothing has come out yet (other than a closed beta). I hope they are still in good shape. Because, there sure is a future for social search. And The Mechanical Zoo has a solid team and some financial backing.

Viral Movies – How to do it

Did you see Schweppes Short Film Festival?

You want viral videos? This is it. You want good short films, there you go. Congratulations to Schweppes (btw my favorite movie was; Signs).

However, I still believe that the best way to make good viral movies is through a competition. Let’s give everybody a chance to make the viral video. It is amazing to see how much young (& also experienced) talent is out there, who want to make a breakthrough through a competition.

I think the best idea for marketing managers in 2009 is organizing a good video competition. Critical success factors and major portions of the project will be;

– a good concept and framework for the video’s scope (not too much focus on the brand, see: Schweppes)

– a proven/famous jury list

– a good web site

– good online PR (and offline PR)

– SEM campaign and social media advertising

– interesting awards & a nice award organization

And the budget for the competition should be at least $100,000, to have a big impact and positive ROI.

The future of TV

Who is listening to Radio at home anymore?
Do you think you will be watching the conventional TV at home in 2020?
Both answers are; only a few.
In 2020 TV will be the media for elderly and poor. Remember that, TV doesn’t even have a niche as radio. Radio survived as a media, because it was successful on two segments; people on the road and multitasking people.

MIXX Conference & Advertising Week in New York

I will be attending two conferences in New York this week (Sept 22-26, 2008);

Ø MIXX 2.8 Conference & Expo

Ø AdvertisingWeek V

I would like to meet anybody who is interested in web marketing in Turkey.

MIXX 2.8 Conference is in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Times Square, New York on 22 &23rd of September. MIXX is the preeminent event for interactive marketing and agency professionals and the publishers and technology firms.

Advertising Week is in various venues in New York (22 through 27th of September) . Being one of the most prestigious events in advertising, Advertising Week is focusing a lot in digital this year.

Hope to meet interesting people and companies in both events. Let’s see…

Social Search & who else; Google

Today, I watched the video on Google’s experiments on social search. They call it Google Reviews though. From the name I can see that they didn’t have the full vision in the beginning of the project. However, this is a very strong and correct first footstep into Social Search.

Social Search is for sure the “Future of Search”. Add digg and together to Google, preferably find a way to add friendfeed on top of these and you’ll have the future of “search and more” (I mean that will not only be search).

I wonder what Baidu and the other country focused search companies are doing in terms of social features. The winner in the “Future of Search” will have pretty good social features embedded into their search results. For me, it seems like Google will be the winner in social search.

Emre Sokullu’s work at is also a good example on what can be done at Social Search. I think Hakia saw Google’s entry into social search and that’s why they are now focusing more on a specific country (namely; Turkey).

If you’re in the search business, its really time to put some social features into your offering.

Business Networks and the Value of Linkedin

Linked is valued as $ 1 billion. See Om Malik‘s artice (or Techchrunch article). I agree with a valuation methodology based on users (even though its not the best), and don’t put much emphasis on per-subscriber revenue based valuation. However, the detailed analysis should of course look at both.

For me Linkedins’ value can be even much more than 1 billion. Where they lack is a strong marketing campaign where Premium Membership is transformed into a status symbol. Also the heavy users (500+ people) should be granted free access to some kind of a status and free extra services (with their earned status). There should be a schema similar to Credit Card business.

I am sure Linkedin has plans in these areas. I think these things are really hard to implement but doable in right hands. Hopefully, they will reach the right talent to make Linkedin the major player on online networks.