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  • Planning & Designing Facebook Promotions

    Facebook made a change to its Promotions Guidelines this week. The big news is; there is no longer a requirement to obtain approval from Facebook to run a promotion entirely within Facebook. The two major changes are; 1) No need for prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook. This makes life for brands […]

  • How to Aim Plan & Execute your Groupon Campaign!

    The Groupon Trilogy – Groupon for Dummies The Groupon trilogy is a set of tree articles focusing on using group buying campaigns successfully as a marketer. The set will introduce Radical Marketers to effectively use this new campaign tool in their companies / on their brands. However, this trilogy is just the entry for using […]

  • 12 Secrets to turn your Groupon Campaign a Success

    How to set-up / execute a Groupon offering? The so called group buying phenomenon which was fueled by Groupon.com created a new way of promotion. However, it is unfortunate to see some companies failing terribly on group buying promotions. As the recent study from Rice University (Utpal Dholakia) reports 32% of all campaigns on Groupon are […]

  • Four Things to plan before designing Groupon promotion

    How to plan a Groupon promotion? Yesterday, I wrote about the top reasons to offer a group buying campaign / promotion. If your goal is one of the top 5 mentioned, you can possibly get positive returns from your offer. However, you need to do some planning before the campaign. Below you can find the […]

  • Top Five Reasons to Offer a Groupon Promotion

    Why to use a group buying campaign / promotion? If you do not have a valid reason and strategy behind your actions, this tool, like all other tools for web marketing, will backfire on your business. You should first have a valid reason for utilizing a group buying campaign. Below, you can find the top […]

  • The measurement game

    Last month I wrote about some problems in “Measuring Marketing Performance“. This time another problem surfaced the web on TechMeme. Again and again we hear about wrong “success stories” with misunderstood performance indicators within the sector or on media. The Foursquare success story for McDonald’s even made the headlines for NewYork Times. In most cases […]

  • “Push marketing” has died, long live “pull marketing”

    Who am I talking to? “You Ought To Know” video was produced two years ago by Hubspot as a viral marketing campaign. It is unfortunate that today most of the marketers still don’t get the idea behind the video. Marketing is changing, this is the era of pull marketing. It is a great video, highly […]

  • Measuring Marketing Performance

    HBR send me today an e-mail on “Measuring Marketing Performance”. I am sure the material which is dated Feb. 2007 is a great source for many new marketers. However, I am skeptical on two points; 1) In this changing marketing world, I wouldn’t advertise on such a topic “Measuring Marketing Performance” which is outdated 3,5 […]

  • The end of advertising era

    I have written many times about the end of advertising era & end of the 30 second spot. FITC, the design and technology event organizer recently released “The Last Advertising Agency On Earth” video, which puts “The end of advertising era” in nicely on a video. It is also a smart viral move on their […]

  • 4 Tactics for Social Commerce on Facebook

    The biggest challenge to e-commerce in the Social Web Era is the emerging Social Commerce. With the raise of Social Commerce, Facebook is becoming the Mecca for commerce. Companies need to be fast to grab land on Facebook. Below you can find the best ways to implement Social Commerce on Facebook; 1) Integrate Facebook Like […]

  • The 4th Era of Internet is starting

    We are again in the midst of a new evolution. There is another change of era on the internet. Like the Chinese curse says: “May you live in interesting times!” The new era will bring new challenge to each one of us, not to mention the major effects on marketers. We can divide the internet […]

  • Banner Advertisement on internet is annoying

    Another myth / hypothesis of the RadicalMarketer is backed with data. Thanks for Mc Kinsey for the UK survey. The reason why the “Radical Marketer” advises his brands to spend more on Paid Search, instead of the internet banners are proven with data now. However, where the McKinsey study lacks is; this chart doesn’t get […]

  • How to buy Promoted Tweets

    Twitter announced its new ad serving platform; Promoted Tweets. The details can be found on; NY Times article “Twitter Unveils Plans to Draw Money From Ads” AdAge article “Twitter Has a Business Model: ‘Promoted Tweets’ “ TechCrunch article “Full Details On Twitter’s Long-Awaited Ad Platform: Promoted Tweets” These articles state that, initial ad partners include […]

  • Effective usage of Social Media

    Unfortunately, Social Media is used poorly and ineffectively by many of us. Today’s article “the social media bubble” on HBR blog by Umair Haque was mentioning some of the points that we were discussing with companies which wanted to enter the social media space in their marketing efforts. I agree with most of Umair’s comments; […]

  • How To Evaluate Advertising

    Today, I was revising our “Advertising Evaluation Form” (don’t tell people, that we have a process for this, they think we are gurus). I just wanted to share a portion of Bob Hoffman’s article on Forbes.com How To Evaluate Advertising – Forbes.com. Bob’s view helped me on my form. “when you’re evaluating advertising, avoid meaningless slogans […]