Measuring Marketing Performance

HBR send me today an e-mail on “Measuring Marketing Performance”. I am sure the material which is dated Feb. 2007 is a great source for many new marketers. However, I am skeptical on two points;

1) In this changing marketing world, I wouldn’t advertise on such a topic “Measuring Marketing Performance” which is outdated 3,5 years. In marketing terms this means pre-twitter & pre-Facebook era. I would strongly insist that measuring Facebook & twitter sentiments correctly are both most important and most challenging issues in Measuring Marketing Performance.

2) The tag line of the mail said;”If you’re not measuring marketing, you’re not marketing”. We radical marketers strongly oppose this statement, as well. The competitive edge of marketing lies in the grey area (which is not really well measurable area). So I say; “If you are measuring everything well in marketing, you are not marketing.”







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