Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP on Charlie Rose

A conversation with Martin Sorrell

Martin Sorrell, chief executive officer of WPP Group was on Charlie Rose on My 21st for the first time. It is a show worth watching. You can find some of my quick notes from the interview below;

Martin Sorrell quotes;

CMOs are mostly old people, and change is the last thing they have in mind.

Currently, digital is 25% of our business (& emerging markets is 27% of our business)

Traditional look to advertising: 33% TV, 33% Print, 33% Other media

Now, balance is shifting: 25% TV, 25% Print, 25% Digital, 25% Other media

In a few years there will be a big change: within couple years (it will be fairly quick), all media is becomming digital

Listening to this interview one question came to my mind; Can you spot me one Turkish CMO who spents 25% in digital?






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