How To Evaluate Advertising

Today, I was revising our “Advertising Evaluation Form” (don’t tell people, that we have a process for this, they think we are gurus).

I just wanted to share a portion of Bob Hoffman’s article on How To Evaluate Advertising – Bob’s view helped me on my form.

“when you’re evaluating advertising, avoid meaningless slogans and look for your product’s difference. Then judge how well the ad dramatizes that difference, how honest the message is, how simply the message is presented and whether or not there is some interesting news for your customer that translates into a benefit. If the advertising does some or all of that, it’s good. If not, it’s bad.”

If anybody is interested, I will be happy to share the whole document – Advertising Evaluation Form – as well.





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  1. Soumen Avatar

    Hi Radicalmarketeer,

    I would be really interested in your “Advertising Evaluation Form”. Seems like there is after all some science behind the evaluation of advertising.

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