From CeBIT 2006, Axinom – a name to remember

I was fortunate to meet Axinom and their CMS (Contact Management System) system at 2006 CeBIT Hannover.
They have the right product and the right business model. They are the first solid firm to offer free license CMS with .NET infrastructure as far as I know.
If they can do a good web marketing campaign for their product, success seems to be a sure thing. I was introduced to their system by Johannes Jauch, one of the Managing Directors of Axinom. (By the way isn’t this interesting? Is this common in Germany, a company with multiple Managing Directors (or “Geschäftsführer” as German say)? I have no idea, but I think it is a great approach, at least for a software company to have double or even more Managing Directors.)
My first impression was very positive. Of course we need to develop at least one project with the product AxCMS to understand its real capacity. However, from my conversation with Herr Jauch, I feel sure this is the right product and the right company.
Viel Erfolg Johannes und Viel Erfolg Axinom

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