Four commands of Radical Marketer

Four commands of Radical;
  1. You shall believe in “web centric integrated marketing” and know it is the right way of new, “radical” marketing.
  2. You shall know that “Marketing cannot be left to Marketers only“. Marketing and strategy should be hand in hand, and the top management (or the top brains of the corporation) should be very close to the strategic marketing issues.
  3. You shall not just seek for “Market Shares” but “Soul Shares“.
  4. You shall see that “Marketing is not a cost center, but a profit center“.






One response to “Four commands of Radical Marketer”

  1. msubasi Avatar

    5th command: You shall live in the web (if you want to do marketing on web).
    You cannot do marketing in a language unless you speak that language, and you cannot do marketing in web, unless you are fluent in the usage of most top web sites

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