Facebook era is just starting

Nowadays, a lot of people are thinking that the “Facebook Hype” is over. If we are talking about Gartner’s hype curve, they are right. Because, the first portion of the curve is passed. But now is the time to see a steady growth in Facebook usage (we are between “Slope of Enlightenment” and “Plateau of Productivity” in Gartner terms).

In other words the time for weak applications in Facebook is over. Now is the time for mega applications in Facebook. And this will make the fundamental change in web that I mentioned months ago. We are just starting the Facebook revolution. Also the fbOpen Initiative (Facebook Confirms Plans to Open-Source Its Platform) will be instrumental for this new era. Facebook enabled us a huge platform for identity layer on the web, and everything on the web will be different from now on for the marketers. The social web is now really starting…

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