Customer Service is the New PR

Steve Rubel named the new phenomenon shortly and simply in six words; Customer Service is the New PR.

Echoing on Rubel, Carol Cole-Lewis states in her article; “When I worked in the marketing department for Lexmark in the UK, we made a case for including Customer Service personnel in our department, rather than in technical support. We were right then, and we’d be more than right now.”

It is so right. I was trying to explain this to companies for the last 10 years (unfortunately not in these 6 simple words). Internet put the Customer Service process in front of all our customers, and social media become the new catalyst for customer service experiences (to spread faster on the internet).

Today, all the research reports that highly influential consumers are using social media channels to share their personal customer service experiences and learn about others’ care experiences when making purchase decisions.

You can also see one of these researches at; SNCR Study, 2008. (Please note; unfortunatelly, this study is removed from site, contact me in case you really need detailed info).



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