What is your company’s mission?

I know a camera company which focuses on destroying memories. But shouldn’t they have a mission like; focusing on memories…
Most of the companies / brands forget their reason for existance on the way. And when they loose their mission and passion they start to do horrible things. At that point there is most probably no return for a sane company anymore.
Read the story below, and reflect it to your company or maybe yourself. Are you following your mission, your manifesto, or are you as lost as Vivitar?
A camera brand which doesn’t focus on keeping memories, but destroying memories! a Vivitar story
I have a whole album which I took with my Vivitar 3000 camera back in 1997. Files are in .svi format.
I kept the photo files in my computer, however I cannot open them now. I asked Vivitar for some help — a software to open these pictures, a solution.
Do you know what they said; “Unfortunately because the camera was manufactured so long ago we do no have any information on this camera anymore.”
I trusted Vivitar for my memories and took my pictures with a Vivitar. Maybe, you are saying I shouldn’t have trusted Vivitar, maybe your customers from today should also not trust for Vivitar for memories, because in 20 years, they might also not keep their old beloved memories. Maybe their parents pictures which they lost meanwhile will disappear, thanks to a company who doesn’t keep, but destroys memories.
And Vivitar, thank you for your thoughtful message.

Manage your wealth – Areas of Wealth

Managing marketing is a big issue, but managing your life is much more important. I have talked a lot about  marketing management. But, today I want to write about managing your life. The analogy in management is that you have to measure it, and by measuring your life you have to define the correct KPIs (Key Performance indicators).

“the wealthy, will be happy…

… but, first you need to define and understand the diverse sources of capital & wealth”

As Peter Drucker accurately stated; “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. However, I go one step further; “If you can’t measure it with the right KPIs, you can’t manage it right”.

In todays’ capitalist system, I see that more and more people are measuring their success on life with only one type of KPI, namely; the material KPIs – all focusing on financial capital.

However, life’s wealth lies in many diverse areas. I summarized the seven crucial areas of wealth in the table below. On top of these, one needs to understand that the more intense you get in that specific area, usually the reward gets much more magnified.

Areas of Wealth Broad Form of Wealth Intense Form of Wealth
Social Social Wealth: Acceptance from society, your reach, perception by others, do people envy you or do they want you to succeed? Love Wealth: How big is your heart, how many people / animals / hobbies do you intensely love?
Emotional Emotional Wealth: On daily issues; is your mind free, do you understand / manage your emotions, are you emotionally strong, sane/stable? Spiritual Wealth (&Integrity): Are your goals and values set, are you aware, are you in peace with yourself, do you hide something?
Motivational Motivational Wealth: Are you motivated for daily tasks, Can you connect daily tasks with your life’s purpose? Drive Wealth: Both; the quality of your reason/purpose and the strength of your drive to reach that goal
Physical Health: Physicalhealth in general; effecting the quality of your life Body Wealth: With constant & disciplined training and some good genes; you could have physical superiority specific to a sport or a specific function
Intellectual Intellectual (&Knowledge) Wealth: Your capability to observe, grasp fast andthebreadth of your knowledge & understanding of all world issues Professional Wealth: Your knowledge & capabilities specific to your job and your power in your profession
Cultural Cultural (Art) Wealth: Broad knowledge & love towards many different forms of art Artesian Wealth: Extreme delight & pleasure from intense knowledge & love on usually one form of art
Material Material Wealth: All intangible financial assets, fixed and liquid (like; all real estate, Money equivalent at banks, stock shares etc.) Tangible Financial Wealth: All financial assets, which touches your daily life (like; house, car, yacht, plane, etc.)

The 4th Era of Internet is starting

We are again in the midst of a new evolution. There is another change of era on the internet. Like the Chinese curse says: “May you live in interesting times!” The new era will bring new challenge to each one of us, not to mention the major effects on marketers.
We can divide the internet age into four era:
1) Academic Internet Era (before 1993)
Enabling technology: the internet infrastructure
2) The Browsable Web Era (1993 to 1999/2000)
Enabling technology: world wide web
3) The Searchable Web Era (2000 to 2010)
Enabling technology: Google Search
4) The Mobile & Social Web Era ( 2010 to …)
Enabling technology: Apple (iPad/iPhone) & Facebook Like
All the new era’s on the internet brought it’s own winners and losers and new business models to the internet. The fourth era, however is even more challenging. The change is on two axis; the mobility (always on mechanism), and the social aspects of the internet. This era will not only bring it’s own winners and losers and business models, but will also touch the DNA of capitalism, democracy and the society. It will touch every company, every political party, every government, every NGO, every family much deeper.
The big change that the 4th era is bringing is the social aspect which will change our habits of consuming the internet. Web will not be ranked to Google’s algorithm anymore, but with our friends choices (that is “Facebook Like” functionality).
Pete Cashmore of Mashable takes it even further saying; “Facebook seeks to replace this open system of links between pages with the “social links” (or Likes) that it controls. Google and other search engines won’t have full access to all these Likes, so the company best positioned to rank the Web will be Facebook.” (see the full article on CNN: Google’s nightmare: Facebook ‘Like’ replaces links )
PS. The bad voices against Facebook and its somehow “ethically challenged” founder Mark Zuckerberg are also to note. I hope Facebook will be in the hands of good management and it will be an enabling catalysator to this new evolution.