What is your company’s mission?

I know a camera company which focuses on destroying memories. But shouldn’t they have a mission like; focusing on memories…
Most of the companies / brands forget their reason for existance on the way. And when they loose their mission and passion they start to do horrible things. At that point there is most probably no return for a sane company anymore.
Read the story below, and reflect it to your company or maybe yourself. Are you following your mission, your manifesto, or are you as lost as Vivitar?
A camera brand which doesn’t focus on keeping memories, but destroying memories! a Vivitar story
I have a whole album which I took with my Vivitar 3000 camera back in 1997. Files are in .svi format.
I kept the photo files in my computer, however I cannot open them now. I asked Vivitar for some help — a software to open these pictures, a solution.
Do you know what they said; “Unfortunately because the camera was manufactured so long ago we do no have any information on this camera anymore.”
I trusted Vivitar for my memories and took my pictures with a Vivitar. Maybe, you are saying I shouldn’t have trusted Vivitar, maybe your customers from today should also not trust for Vivitar for memories, because in 20 years, they might also not keep their old beloved memories. Maybe their parents pictures which they lost meanwhile will disappear, thanks to a company who doesn’t keep, but destroys memories.
And Vivitar, thank you for your thoughtful message.

Trends in Healthcare Sector

Three major trends in health sector for 2015:
1) Health Tourism
2) Wearable Health Gadgets
3) Big Data in Personal Health
– How big data could be used to predict a patient’s future- Datasets will soon be used to foresee and prepare for individual illnesses as well as periods of increased demand on servicesama, Google Health service discontinued in 12/2012 (Google Health Competitors: Microsoft’s HealthVault, Dossia, the open-source Indivo project, MediConnect Global) – Google stated that they were discontinuing Google Health because it did not have as broad impact as had been expected