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  • Turkish online banking security

    Why is “Google Checkout” not available for Turkish Credit Card holders? It is available for 107 countries including, Burkina Faso, Cambodia and Uganda Google Checkout is available in 107 countries. Is Turkey really more risky in credit card fraud than these 107 countries? Below you can find the list of countries as of today; Albania, […]

  • Things that will change our PC usage and work habits

    High-speed mobile connectivity will change the way many users connect to internet. WiFi's days are going to be over within 5 years and WiFi will remain as a back-up system in order to conect to internet. Also the days of PCs will be over soon. With the wireless broadband and ever decreasing size of PC […]

  • Cheap wireless broadbands will have effects on business and home

    Cheap wireless broadband will have effects on Business and Home networks. Wireless Broadband will change the way we use LAN (local area networks) and WAN (wide area networks). Within 5 years wired LANs will disappear and within 10 years even the wireless LANs will disappear (consider not only the building cost but also managing costs). […]