Best Digital Marketing Events for 2012

Which digital marketing events do you find useful?

Below, you can find Radical Marketer’s 2012 Top 10 Digital marketing event / seminars:

  1. Interactcongress (IAB Europe)
  2. Ad-Tech
  3. dmexco (IAB EU)
  4. DMA Mobile Marketing Day
  5. Clikz Events
  6. SES
  7. iMedia Connection Events
  8. SNWF Social Networking/Media World Forum
  9. IAB MIXX Conference & Expo
  10. The Future of Digital Marketing (e-consultancy)

other important Digital marketing events / seminars:

  • ICMA (International Classified Media Association)
  • a4uexpo (IAB EU)
  • Mobile Social Networking Asia
  • Research Showcase on Social Media (IAB EU)
  • Ecommerce Expo
  • Driving Interactive (iMedia)
  • Emerging Marketing Solutions
  • M-Commerce Summit
  • Online Video Advertising
  • Blog World
  • Social Media & Video Strategies (Clickz)
Disclaimer: I wasn’t able to attend all these events, however was able to follow these at least from the web.

Social Media & Sex

tweets coming from iStrategy event in Amsterdam are making analogy of social media & sex somehow. Below you can find creative definitions for social media.
Top 3 quotweets from #iStrategy on Social Media & Sex are:

Number 1) from: @janrezab
Social media is like teen sex. Everybody wants to do it. Nobody knows how.
Number 2) from: @pennypower
Blogging is like masturbation, it can be a great release but can also make a hell of a mess.
Number 3) from: @DaveNClarke
Social media is like sex, it could be over in a few seconds but could have a lifetime of consequences.

Blogs & Publishing Platforms on Web

Before Facebook there was WordPress as the main publishing platform on the web.  And, WordPress will always have its place on the web publishing.

Even though the infographic doesn’t consider Facebook as a Blog platform (and I cannot read their unique visitor numbers), this infograhic is important to understand the power of wordpress on web, and it’s place on web publishing.

See The Power of WordPress Infographic is prepared by Tech King:
Infographic: The Power of WordPress

Planning & Designing Facebook Promotions

Facebook made a change to its Promotions Guidelines this week. The big news is; there is no longer a requirement to obtain approval from Facebook to run a promotion entirely within Facebook.

The two major changes are;

1) No need for prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook.

This makes life for brands much easier. According to Wildfire Blog:

“Previously, in order to administer a promotion inside of Facebook, you had to either obtain explicit approval from a Facebook representative, or else run your promotion in two parts by  ”publicizing” it in a tab on Facebook but “administering” it (collecting submissions or entries, conducting the drawing, judging winning entries, or notifying winners) off of Facebook. But now, there is no need to obtain approval to administer the entire promotion inside of Facebook, so users participating in your promotions will remain inside of the Facebook environment by default throughout the entire process flow of the promotion (and do not need to be taken to microsite to submit their data). This is great news because generally promotions that are run entirely in Facebook have better conversions (i.e. higher entry rates) and higher rates of sharing (via newsfeeds and friend invites) than those that are only publicized in Facebook but administered via a microsite.”

2) No need for a minimum media spending to support the promotion.

This is also a good news for brands. It is now easier for marketing people to get their promotion campaign approved internally and gives the ability to plan smaller size / focused test promotions..

But keep in mind that all promotions are still subject to Facebook Promotion Guidelines and the following types of promotions are still not allowed:

  • Photo contests which require profile photo manipulation
  • Status update contests which require posting status updates for entry
  • Contest entries once a user has become a fan

See AllFacebook article:  Facebook Promotions No Longer Need Explicit Approval From Facebook

Banner Advertisement on internet is annoying

Another myth / hypothesis of the RadicalMarketer is backed with data. Thanks for Mc Kinsey for the UK survey.

Banner Advertisement

The reason why the “Radical Marketer” advises his brands to spend more on Paid Search, instead of the internet banners are proven with data now.

However, where the McKinsey study lacks is; this chart doesn’t get into detail of which banners are annoying. We advise companies to use banners only to selected, targeted consumers with a respect for their interest (this translates to good media planning and targeted banner creation for each specific media).

How to buy Promoted Tweets

Twitter announced its new ad serving platform; Promoted Tweets.

The details can be found on;

  • NY Times article “Twitter Unveils Plans to Draw Money From Ads”
  • AdAge article “Twitter Has a Business Model: ‘Promoted Tweets’ “
  • TechCrunch article “Full Details On Twitter’s Long-Awaited Ad Platform: Promoted Tweets”

These articles state that, initial ad partners include Best Buy, Virgin America, Starbucks, and Bravo. It seems like you can not advertise without being a partner yet.

How to buy Promoted Tweets is still a question mark. Please share, if you have any information on “How to buy Promoted Tweets”.

The Mechanical Zoo

The Mechanical Zoo. A company to watch. Ex-Googlers are trying to come up with a social search engine. It has been more than one year now, but nothing has come out yet (other than a closed beta). I hope they are still in good shape. Because, there sure is a future for social search. And The Mechanical Zoo has a solid team and some financial backing.

The future of TV

Who is listening to Radio at home anymore?
Do you think you will be watching the conventional TV at home in 2020?
Both answers are; only a few.
In 2020 TV will be the media for elderly and poor. Remember that, TV doesn’t even have a niche as radio. Radio survived as a media, because it was successful on two segments; people on the road and multitasking people.

Business Networks and the Value of Linkedin

Linked is valued as $ 1 billion. See Om Malik‘s artice (or Techchrunch article). I agree with a valuation methodology based on users (even though its not the best), and don’t put much emphasis on per-subscriber revenue based valuation. However, the detailed analysis should of course look at both.

For me Linkedins’ value can be even much more than 1 billion. Where they lack is a strong marketing campaign where Premium Membership is transformed into a status symbol. Also the heavy users (500+ people) should be granted free access to some kind of a status and free extra services (with their earned status). There should be a schema similar to Credit Card business.

I am sure Linkedin has plans in these areas. I think these things are really hard to implement but doable in right hands. Hopefully, they will reach the right talent to make Linkedin the major player on online networks.

the next big technology from Skype

Skype is bringing the next big technology to us, and without any strings attached (no costs); Video chat rooms without any extra hardware or costs.

The next frontier in off-site working is just starting. I think skype will be one of the major companies to make the shift in the way we do business. They will be the company who shared these technologies to the masses. Skype brand is already included in my lovemarks lists.

See details from Techcrunch.

Facebook era is just starting

Nowadays, a lot of people are thinking that the “Facebook Hype” is over. If we are talking about Gartner’s hype curve, they are right. Because, the first portion of the curve is passed. But now is the time to see a steady growth in Facebook usage (we are between “Slope of Enlightenment” and “Plateau of Productivity” in Gartner terms).

In other words the time for weak applications in Facebook is over. Now is the time for mega applications in Facebook. And this will make the fundamental change in web that I mentioned months ago. We are just starting the Facebook revolution. Also the fbOpen Initiative (Facebook Confirms Plans to Open-Source Its Platform) will be instrumental for this new era. Facebook enabled us a huge platform for identity layer on the web, and everything on the web will be different from now on for the marketers. The social web is now really starting…

Predictions & New Trends in Live Analytics & Woopra

Thanks to Eray Endes, I was able to see Woopra live and made my first chat on Woopra this week. For long, I haven’t been this excited for a new technology. My three predictions on Woopra and this issue are;

  • Live analytics will be a new game in town (and woopra will most probably be the king of the game)
  • Woopra will be acquired within one year, most probably from Google or Microsoft
  • Live communication with the visitor “woopra style” (incoming but outgoing in Call Center terms) is just another story coming (not soon, probably Woopra will not even be the major player in that game)

You can also read the Woopra article on TechChrunch from here.

internet M&A’s – Deals in Turkey

Within the last 12 months we have seen three major internet deals in Turkey

May 2007: eBay acquired a minority stake in GittiGidiyor.

Dec 2007: Turkish social network Yonja has raised $12.5M in Series A funding from Greywolf Capital Partners and Tiger Global Management, reports PEWire. (Turkish media talks about a $15 million deal with Mynet)

Jan 2008: Xing, the Germany-based European business social network which resembles LinkedIn, had bought Turkish business social network Cember, for about $6.43 million (?4.36 million). (Reuters) – German online business networking company Xing (OBCGn.DE: Quote, Profile, Research) has bought Turkey’s to strengthen its leadership in the Turkish-speaking market, it said in a statement late on Tuesday.
Fast-growing Xing, a competitor to U.S.-based LinkedIn, said it would pay 4.4 million euros ($6.4 million) in stages for

These deals are encouraging for the internet industry in Turkey, and will help companies to raise early stage funding more easily. However, investors should be very careful if they don’t have the proper knowledge on both Turkey and the internet. So let me know before you invest in an internet company in Turkey.