Best Web Projects

Best web projects are the ones with the best Web Project Management

Couple years ago, an eConsultancy study found  that nearly half of all respondents (45.5%) do not have a structured approach to managing their web projects. You can reach the study at Web Project Management: Best Practice Reports . This was in May, 2007 , unfortunately not much has changed so far.

As the report correctly states;

“Companies without a structured approach are the least likely to achieve their project goals, least likely to deliver customer satisfaction, are least able to deal with change during the course of the project and are less likely to achieve deadlines, meet budgets and deliver positive ROI.”

The difference between the “visionary” marketing managers and the “doers” is;

First, a good understanding of the web (the team members must be living in the new web)

And second, a good team with a project management skills (of course this comes with web project experience)

Your team with good project management skills will be using probably a good project management system as well. Below are the Top 10 open source web project management softwares by CyberCiti;

1: Codendi
2: Redmine
3: ProjectPier
4: Trac
5: Project HQ
6: Collabtive
7: eGroupWare
8: KForge
9: OpenGoo
10: ClockingIT

See the complete list and download information at: Top 10 Open Source Web-Based Project Management Software






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