The awakening of Bill Gates

In the wake of the sad news on death of Steve Jobs, we see love & light from all over the world. Most trending tweets are about Steve Jobs, millions of Facebook profile pictures are changed for the memory of Steve and the social media is writing vigorously on Jobs character, Apple and anything about him (I just saw Madonna publishing her chat with Jobs on her Facebook page).

This morning, I was reflecting on what Bill Gates might be thinking on the love that was spread all over the world.

I guess Gates might be thinking; “Will I be remembered as Steve Jobs? Will there be this much love for me as well?”

And the sad answers will probably will; “I guess nobody will remember me like Steve.”

Even if 5% of people who changed their profile pictures for the memory of Steve Jobs will change their Facebook profile pictures for Bill Gates, I would see that as a big success for Gates.

The metrics for success are changing; money is not the sole metric anymore. Bill Gates is a person of another dogma. He is one of the most successful Managers’ of the 20th century capitalist system. Even though, Gates’ philanthropy might seems like Madoff’s support on ethical issues, I believe in his sincere interest in trying to move to the other side of the table and help the world, do good.

However, these are nothing compared to Jobs sincere interest in creating value for the world. Jobs did not only succeed in capitalist terms, but also in the metrics of socialism – and maybe the next coming dogma of the world; the “New Order”.

What did Jobs say; “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”  This quote clearly shows the difference between Jobs and many others. The way he looked at being rich was not a cause, but a result of wonderful things. On the other hand, I believe Gates wanted to be a winner in the capitalist game, he didn’t care as much as Steve did on wonderful things. Since he was a great guy, he later shared his winning with the world. However, this doesn’t change how he played the game. Maybe Jobs also utilized some corporate world smut during his life. But, his sincere cause of “trying to create wonderful things” puts him in a saint-like position from my perspective. I don’t believe his drive was being number one in the capitalist game.

Lets’ not put Gates under the flashlights only. What about Scully who fired Steve Jobs from the company he founded, what is he thinking today? What about Gil Amelio? What are all the corporate mumbo-jumbo people, the corporate bullies, buffoons, bozos and the bubble blowers thinking right now?

Actually “The awakening of Bill Gates” is the awakening of the US & the world. The riots in Wall Street show the same awakening. The capitalist system as we know it today, will be transformed, the metrics we value will change and we won’t judge the people, companies or countries as we judge them today. There is a clear need for a “New World Order”.

As Jobs says all the dots will somehow connect, “The awakening of Bill Gates” will be connected to Wall Street riots and we will see a better world in the future.
By the way if you want to see a video on Gates & Jobs, NYT collected a nice video on Jobs & Gates Flashbacks;

2016 Update:

I don’t know if this article helped, but I see a big change in Gates, after 2011. He is awakened, is helping this world very sincerely. Actually thinking about Steve Jobs, Gates is more sincere in helping and volunteering.






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