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  • What is your company’s mission?

    I know a camera company which focuses on destroying memories. But shouldn’t they have a mission like; focusing on memories… Most of the companies / brands forget their reason for existance on the way. And when they loose their mission and passion they start to do horrible things. At that point there is most probably […]

  • Trends in Healthcare Sector

    Three major trends in health sector for 2015: 1) Health Tourism 2) Wearable Health Gadgets 3) Big Data in Personal Health – How big data could be used to predict a patient’s future- Datasets will soon be used to foresee and prepare for individual illnesses as well as periods of increased demand on servicesama, Google […]

  • Manage your wealth – Areas of Wealth

    Managing marketing is a big issue, but managing your life is much more important. I have talked a lot about  marketing management. But, today I want to write about managing your life. The analogy in management is that you have to measure it, and by measuring your life you have to define the correct KPIs (Key […]

  • 6 pillars of Jonathan Ive’s Design Philosophy

    6 pillars of Jonathan Ive’s Design Philosophy 1) Focus on good design, not profits 2) Focus on a manageable number of products 3) Invest an incredible amount of care 4) Be ready for challenges on many axes 5) Be familiar and fluent with technologies 6) Have respect for craftsmanship

  • Ten principles of “good design”

    Dieter Rams introduced the idea of sustainable development and of obsolescence being a crime in design in the 1970s. Accordingly he asked himself the question: is my design good design? The answer formed his now celebrated ten principles. 10 Principles of Good Design: 1) Is innovative – The possibilities for innovation are not, by any […]

  • What shall be next for Facebook?

    Letter to Mark Zuckerberg: Dear Mark, It is pictures, text and videos that we share and engage around. And as you correctly know our usage of “the always on web” (a.k.a. mobile) is increasing. For pictures (& always on web) Instagram is a good acquisition (don’t forget the pin-boards issue though). For videos the need […]

  • Best Digital Marketing Events for 2012

    Which digital marketing events do you find useful? Below, you can find Radical Marketer’s 2012 Top 10 Digital marketing event / seminars: Interactcongress (IAB Europe) Ad-Tech dmexco (IAB EU) DMA Mobile Marketing Day Clikz Events SES iMedia Connection Events SNWF Social Networking/Media World Forum IAB MIXX Conference & Expo The Future of Digital Marketing (e-consultancy) […]

  • The awakening of Bill Gates

    The awakening of Bill Gates

    In the wake of the sad news on death of Steve Jobs, we see love & light from all over the world. Most trending tweets are about Steve Jobs, millions of Facebook profile pictures are changed for the memory of Steve and the social media is writing vigorously on Jobs character, Apple and anything about […]

  • The bubble blowers & the bubble economy

    Why do good things always get a bubble in the beginning? Web came with its bubble. Then online advertising, blogs had their bubbles, after that mobile marketing, now it’s time for the social media bubble. But if you look at other things as well, (say Private Equity, Mortgage or whatever you want) there is always […]

  • Steve Jobs & Marketing

    Steve Jobs & Marketing

    Steve Jobs who was the number one enabler of Radical Marketing has just died. He was not only the enabler (with products like iPhone & iPad) but also the pioneer of Radical Marketing as can be seen on the 1984 ad. What a sad day for the world and also the marketing world. As reported he […]

  • Social Media & Sex

    tweets coming from iStrategy event in Amsterdam are making analogy of social media & sex somehow. Below you can find creative definitions for social media. Top 3 quotweets from #iStrategy on Social Media & Sex are: Number 1) from: @janrezab Social media is like teen sex. Everybody wants to do it. Nobody knows how. Number […]

  • PR Strategy of Facebook

    I was just listening to Hill & Knowlton’s Global Technology Practice Director Joshua Reynolds who had the chance to work with Mark Zuckerberg in 2007 &2008 on Facebook’s PR. He shared a short story on PR Strategy of Facebook which i wanted to share. When defining your company keep this short story in mind: “Mark […]

  • Top 16 Technology Content Creators & Influencers

    TIME recently picked the 140 Twitter feeds that are shaping the conversation. 16 of these twitter feeds are in technology. Below you can find top 16 twitter accounts that shape the conversation around technology, based on their influence ranked by TIME survey (as of March, 31 2011); Xeni Jardin Chris Hardwick Beth Blecherman Gina Trapani […]

  • Blogs & Publishing Platforms on Web

    Before Facebook there was WordPress as the main publishing platform on the web.  And, WordPress will always have its place on the web publishing. Even though the infographic doesn’t consider Facebook as a Blog platform (and I cannot read their unique visitor numbers), this infograhic is important to understand the power of wordpress on web, […]

  • Planning & Designing Facebook Promotions

    Facebook made a change to its Promotions Guidelines this week. The big news is; there is no longer a requirement to obtain approval from Facebook to run a promotion entirely within Facebook. The two major changes are; 1) No need for prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook. This makes life for brands […]