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Effectively managing the agencies

When your brand / company works with agencies you can usually follow two paths. Be a low-maintenance or high-maintenance client. These two types are described well in iMediaConnection article as: Low-maintenance clients are: trusting enjoyable to be around transparent in discussing their goals and intentions appreciative of what you do in it for the long […]

Steve Jobs & Marketing

Steve Jobs who was the number one enabler of Radical Marketing has just died.¬†He was not only the enabler (with products like iPhone & iPad) but also the pioneer of Radical Marketing as can be seen on the 1984 ad. What a sad day for the world and also the marketing world. As reported he […]

Digital Agencies Aren’t Ready to Lead

“because most of them don’t know the business of marketing” is the answer of Ana Andjelic on the Advertising Age article. So what is the solution today? Find a digital agency which understands from the business of marketing. I know it is extremely hard to find one, but I know it is not impossible ūüėČ […]

How to hire a digital agency

How to hire a digital agency – the most important CMO task One of the major obstacles on the move towards new marketing is the lacking decision making in the choice of digital agencies. Recently, iMediaConnection had an article on this issue. (To see the full article please visit;¬†A CMOs guide to hiring a digital […]

Best Web Projects

Best web projects are the ones with the best Web Project Management Couple years ago, an eConsultancy study found ¬†that nearly half of all respondents¬†(45.5%)¬†do not have a structured approach to managing their web projects.¬†You can reach the study at¬†Web Project Management: Best Practice Reports .¬†This was in May, 2007 , unfortunately not much has […]

Top 10 Marketing Events

Below, you can find my list for top ten marketing events that you should not miss in 2009. Of course, I don’t advise you to attend all of them. However, if you are in marketing business in North America and/or Europe, this is a list you should keep in mind, so that you can schedule […]

Four commands of Radical Marketer

Four commands of Radical Marketer.com; You shall believe in “web centric integrated marketing” and know it is the right way of new, “radical” marketing. You shall know that “Marketing cannot be left to Marketers only“. Marketing and strategy should be hand in hand, and the top management (or the top brains of the corporation) should […]

Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP on Charlie Rose

A conversation with Martin Sorrell Martin Sorrell, chief executive officer of WPP Group was on Charlie Rose on My 21st for the first time. It is a show worth watching. You can find some of my quick notes from the interview below; Martin Sorrell quotes; CMOs are mostly old people, and change is the last […]

Using irrational behavior in Sales & Marketing

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely, the author of Predictably Irrational, uses classic visual illusions and his own counterintuitive (and sometimes shocking) research findings to show how we’re not as rational as we think when we make decisions. You can watch his fascinating video above (from TED). I think irrational behavior is something that all the marketers […]

Social Marketing is Not a Tactic

I was reading an article (from Michael Gass) on social media, and realized how many people in the marketing area are looking at social marketing from a very narrow angle. Social Media’s (&social marketing’s) effect on Web Marketing can be considered as being similar to Web’s effect on marketing. Social Marketing is to Web Marketing, […]

Online creative ads

“Every ad on the internet should give users the option to expand the ad, request more information, watch a video demo of the product, or even to purchase the product right from the ad.” via Why online creative stinks so badly – iMediaConnection.com. Eric Picard has the right vision on interactive ads. Even a pure […]

Marketing in downturn

Below you can find a nice presentation from “the Economist”. It has great visuals and good points on advertising in downturn. However, the comments on online marketing and print being accountable through research are rather pathetic. Advertising on Edge View more presentations from Geert Desager. (tags: branding recession)

Being in a global industry brings some limitations to your promotion activities

When designing marketing campaigns, some companies might think they are too small to care about the global consequences of their campaigns. Campaigns mostly focus first on the home turf because this is the first priority in marketing (especially for US firms). Some companies might have the fate of residing in a large economic zone, but […]

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