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Top seven knowledge sites in business world

Web 2.0 knowledge aggregation sites you shouldn’t avoid, if you are in business world; twitter.com facebook.com friendfeed.com slideshare.net linkedin.com delicious.com youtube.com Of course based on your sector and special interest there are many more sites you shouldn’t avoid. But I won’t be getting into them today.

Scribd has an opportunity to make it big

Love to see a Y Combinator startup to excel. Scribd is a good free offering to everybody and has an opportunity to make it big on the internet. I am a believer in Scribd.

Business Networks and the Value of Linkedin

Linked is valued as $ 1 billion. See Om Malik‘s artice (or Techchrunch article). I agree with a valuation methodology based on users (even though its not the best), and don’t put much emphasis on per-subscriber revenue based valuation. However, the detailed analysis should of course look at both. For me Linkedins’ value can be […]

the next big technology from Skype

Skype is bringing the next big technology to us, and without any strings attached (no costs); Video chat rooms without any extra hardware or costs. The next frontier in off-site working is just starting. I think skype will be one of the major companies to make the shift in the way we do business. They […]

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