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Top 10 Marketing Events

Below, you can find my list for top ten marketing events that you should not miss in 2009. Of course, I don't advise you to attend all of them. However, if you are in marketin...More »

Four commands of Radical Marketer

Four commands of Radical Marketer.com; You shall believe in "web centric integrated marketing" and know it is the right way of new, "radical" marketing. You shall know t...More »

Trends in Healthcare Sector

6 July 2015, Monday

Three major trends in health sector for 2015: 1) Health Tourism 2) Wearable Health Gadgets 3) Big Data in Personal Health - How big data could be used to predict a patient's future- Datasets will soon be used to foresee and prepare for individual illne... More »

Manage your wealth - Areas of Wealth

27 May 2014, Tuesday

Managing marketing is a big issue, but managing your life is much more important.I have talked a lot about marketing management. But, today I want to write about managing your life. The analogy in management is that you have to measure it, and by measur... More »

6 pillars of Jonathan Ive's Design Philosophy

13 August 2012, Monday

6 pillars of Jonathan Ives Design Philosophy 1) Focus on good design, not profits 2) Focus on a manageable number of products 3) Invest an incredible amount of care 4) Be ready for challenges on many axes 5) Be familiar and fluent with technologie... More »

Ten principles of "good design"

13 August 2012, Monday

Dieter Rams introduced the idea of sustainable development and of obsolescence being a crime in design in the 1970s. Accordingly he asked himself the question: is my design good design? The answer formed his now celebrated ten principles. 10 Principles... More »

Effectively managing the agencies

26 June 2012, Tuesday

When your brand / company works with agencies you can usually follow two paths. Be a low-maintenance or high-maintenance client. These two types are described well in iMediaConnection article as: Low-maintenance clients are: trusting enjoyable... More »