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Top 10 Marketing Events

Below, you can find my list for top ten marketing events that you should not miss in 2009. Of course, I don't advise you to attend all of them. However, if you are in marketin...More »

Four commands of Radical Marketer

Four commands of Radical Marketer.com; You shall believe in "web centric integrated marketing" and know it is the right way of new, "radical" marketing. You shall know t...More »

6 pillars of Jonathan Ives Design Philosophy

13 August 2012, Monday

6 pillars of Jonathan Ives Design Philosophy 1) Focus on good design, not profits 2) Focus on a manageable number of products 3) Invest an incredible amount of care 4) Be ready for challenges on many axes 5) Be familiar and fluent with technologie... More »

Ten principles of "good design"

13 August 2012, Monday

Dieter Rams introduced the idea of sustainable development and of obsolescence being a crime in design in the 1970s. Accordingly he asked himself the question: is my design good design? The answer formed his now celebrated ten principles. 10 Principles... More »

Effectively managing the agencies

26 June 2012, Tuesday

When your brand / company works with agencies you can usually follow two paths. Be a low-maintenance or high-maintenance client. These two types are described well in iMediaConnection article as: Low-maintenance clients are: trusting enjoyable... More »

What shall be next for Facebook?

24 April 2012, Tuesday

Letter to Mark Zuckerberg: Dear Mark, It is pictures, text and videos that we share and engage around. And as you correctly know our usage of the always on web (a.k.a. mobile) is increasing. For pictures (& always on web) Instagram is a goo... More »

Best Digital Marketing Events for 2012

5 December 2011, Monday

Which digital marketing events do you find useful? Below, you can find Radical Marketer's 2012 Top 10 Digital marketing event / seminars: Interactcongress (IAB Europe) Ad-Tech dmexco (IAB EU) DMA Mobile Marketing Day Clikz Events SES iM... More »